We’ve long awaited this moment and finally, our app is ready to launch.
Stay up to date on the latest news, connect and communicate with other WeAreDevelopers attendees, receive live updates on congress sessions and events, and make your personalized schedule to make sure you attend only what matters to YOU… all from your mobile device.
Here are just some of the app’s features:

  • Network and communicate with other attendees
  • Access speaker profiles, exhibit, partner information and official agenda
  • See detailed info about the event
  • Create your personal schedule and get notifications when an activity is about to begin
  • Register for 87 different workshops
  • Post questions in Q&A after talks during the event
  • … more app features are coming soon as we approach the congress

See our Developer Advocate Diana introduce the app:

Diana App video
Diana Vysoká, developer advocate and speaker at WE ARE DEVELOPERS, is loving the features of the #WeAreDevelopers World Congress App!
Download it now for iOS and Android 👇
Posted by WE ARE DEVELOPERS on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Not to mention, you have the power to drive change and optimize your WeAreDevs experience by providing feedback during and after the congress. We want to hear everything.
Sign up and stay tuned.