Mobility is changing by the day. Car manufacturers like Daimler become mobility providers. Their focus changes from simply building cars to fields like autonomous driving, connected services with blockchain or artificial intelligence. To shape the future of mobility you need ideas – brilliant ones actually. But how can we create innovation? How does this happen? In fact, it’s not a matter of coincidence, it follows a detailed plan.

In 2017, Daimler hosted the 100 million challenge – a crowd project where over 100,000 employees could pitch their ideas on a crowd-platform. As it turns out: There are plenty of innovative concepts, future-oriented ideas and potential business models inside this huge company. You just have to find them and bring them to life.

Daimler has many initiatives and strategies for this. One of them is Lab1886 – the company builder of Daimler AG who transforms ideas into digital business models. The philosophy is to go “back to the garage” and build upon the pioneering spirit of the founding fathers Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz – the inventors of the first automobile. As real pioneers, they made innovation happen.

Today, this can only happen if you bring three important things together:

  • The freedom to develop projects and ideas independently.
  • The best talents who think in a future-oriented way.
  • And the right culture with flat hierarchies and a creative atmosphere.

This is why Lab1886 embodies and offers is the Best of Both Worlds. The mindset, culture, and working methods of a start-up meet the expertise, knowledge and power of a global company. The hierarchies are flat – everything else is dynamic. Results are more valuable than processes. In an inspiring office environment, employees can get their hands dirty, even in the digital age. Every idea can be brought forward, there are no limits. People from different backgrounds can work, learn, and create together. Whether it’s business administration, psychology, software engineering or mathematics – it does not matter.

Daimler as a mothership is very big. Lab1886 is the speed boat. This is why the company builder can execute projects like urban air-taxis, in-car-delivery services, or mobility platform apps as fast as possible. With a network of strategic partners, digital experts, extraordinary skills, high financial stability and a start-up mindset, Lab1886 provides the perfect conditions to develop game-changing businesses – and culture is one important cornerstone if this.

As the tech evangelist and Lab1886 brand ambassador Guy Kawasaki once said: “It’s not about lines of code per day – it’s about: can you create innovation? Can you get to the next curve?” between improvement and innovation.

If you want to shape the future of mobility too – visit us at the WeAreDevelopers Congress in the Helsinki Hall.


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