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How Videos Can Help Devs Stay Up to Date

Being a software developer is more of a calling than a career. No industry has more changes and disruptions than IT, and choosing the...

Introducing The WeAreDevelopers Tech Leaders Series

Have you heard about the WeAreDevelopers Tech Leaders series launch? Meet the faces behind the leading tech company cultures you keep hearing about. Learn about...

How to Hack The WeAreDevelopers AI Congress Vienna

You might have heard the big news: WeAreDevelopers is hosting a new event in December! AI and Blockchain professionals as well as enthusiasts will...

Three Days of Woodstock for Developers

WeAreDevelopers World Congress in its 4th edition surpassed all expectations of European developer’s scene. By scale, in terms of space and number of participants, it was the largest European Congress for the most sought-after profession of today. WeAreDevelopers, once again, demonstrated that they are one of the most important communities for developers, as well as, for the overall ICT sector development.