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Monitor with head scan

Shaping AI visions together

Dorothee Ritz, General Manager at Microsoft Austria  Nothing in life is more constant than change. In the past, there used to be an elevator attendant...

Interview with Joseph Sirosh: “Microsoft has been investing in artificial intelligence...

Even though it is apparent that the framework conditions for the use of AI applications cannot be clarified definitively today, politics, business and society still need to put their heads together on an ongoing basis to address the question. This is the only way to ensure that the diverse opportunities offered to us by AI technologies are truly sustainable.

The many faces of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will unquestionably take over or alter some jobs. By 2027, 24.7 million jobs around the world will be lost ‒ but 14.9 million new ones will be created at the same time, says Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, in his book “The Future Computed – Artificial Intelligence and its role in society”. Doubtless, there will be other new jobs emerging that are inconceivable to us today. “That's always been the case,” remarks Sirosh.