As online transactions continue to increase and become a significant part of the global economy, the ability to accept payments online becomes vital for many businesses. A seamless customer experience with fast checkout processes and just the right mix of available payment methods is thereby key.
The problem is, each market has its preferred way of paying. While credit cards are highly popular in areas such as the US, UK or South Korea, many consumers in Europe opt for direct debit and fund transfer. In addition, localized payment methods need to be taken into account: Merchants seeking business in German-speaking countries, for example, should consider including SEPA direct debit, Invoice, Installment, Sofort, and Paydirekt into their payment portfolio.
This diversity can be challenging – both on a business level as well as on the technical side. Integrating various payment methods into a shop system and managing them subsequently is often arduous work for developers, time-consuming and frustratingly complex. Each and every payment method has a different setup that requires individual handling.

Simplicity Through Innovative Software Architecture
The new multichannel platform Payengine from Concardis, one of the leading payment service providers in German-speaking Europe, now offers a solution for exactly that problem: It brings together the various business processes of the individual online payment methods and integrates them into one uniform and easy-to-understand structure.
All transactions in e- and m-commerce run through one single channel. This enables merchants to keep track of their payments in real time and easily follow the progress of all payments through to final settlement. Even refunds can be managed conveniently through the Payengine. With more than 150 currencies, all major national and international payment options as well as a wide range of additional services from recurring and one-click payments to fraud prevention, the PSP platform offers an all-in-one solution for online and mobile transactions in German-speaking Europe and abroad.

RESTful API and Extensive Sandbox Environment
Concardis devised its new platform specifically with developers in mind: As all offered payment methods are run through one uniform structure, five control calls (preauth/ capture/ debit/ cancel/ reversal) are enough to manage all the different payment options. For that, the Eschborn-based payment service provider offers a REST based API with HTTP Basic Access Authorization and JSON as payload format, allowing developers to implement business requirements in a very pragmatic manner. Extensive documentation and a comprehensive sandbox environment ( simplify the setup. What is more, Concardis offers developers and integrators the opportunity to participate in its affiliate program.
Concardis also offers simple checkout options that are set up with just a few clicks: Out-of-the-box payment pages and widget solutions provide merchants with standardized, convenient payment formats. More than twenty-five shop plugins enable easy integration into all popular shop systems such as Shopware, Magento, WordPress E-Commerce and Oxid.

Tokenization and Integrated Client Management
On the security side, Concardis has also stepped up its game: In addition to risk prevention and state of the art safeguard mechanisms against fraud attempts, the new Payengine now offers tokenization to ensure that no sensitive client data is transferred to the hosting server. This enables merchants to operate in an easy PCI-compliant way while minimizing their documentation efforts. If applied, Concardis tokenization securely collects and handles all card or bank account details as well as personally identifiable information, sending the merchant system only a token representing this information.
In addition, the platform offers extensive client management tools supporting merchants in their efforts to improve their customer experience. Due to the unique software architecture of the Payengine, customer information can be tracked across all payment methods, forming cohesive client profiles that allow merchants to efficiently improve their customer experience – easily accessible through Concardis’ full responsive merchant center.

Thus, by addressing the great variety of payment methods and their different business models, Concardis manages to provide merchants with a cutting edge PSP platform truly simplifying all aspects of payments. Nevertheless, Concardis continues to develop its Payengine with very short release cycles – since its launch in September 2017, the Payengine has already been expanded by more than 30 services and functions. Even more are to follow, making it one of the most exciting payment solutions on the market.
By the way, Concardis is continuously looking for reinforcement of the core developer team for its Payengine and is therefore open to discussions with competent prospects.

Author: Christoph Jung
Vice President eCommerce Competence Center at Concardis