Modern life would be quite different without our smartphones, they are not only “smart” but provide everything we need to function in our society. Slowly our phones are moving from being “smart” accessories to full-blown personal assistant with the help of artificial intelligence.

Companies worldwide are redefining “smart,” designing and programming phones to fit changing consumer needs and integrate into people’s lives without causing disruption or irritation – not an easy challenge. Customers’ preferences and tastes on what additions or characteristics they need on their mobile devices are constantly shifting.

Engineers, designers, and developers are making sure you will never miss an appointment, forget someone’s birthday or that important business meeting you were supposed to have at 8, and it’s now 8.30 – automating most things and relieving some stress from people’s everyday lives. Hello, zen.

An AI assistant provides more than just the security of remembering important things, it benefits users by relieving workload, organizing calendars, and enabling headspace to be a more successful and efficient person in general. It is easier to concentrate on important things when small headaches are relieved and stress levels drop. Smart devices help chill and be more effective in everyday activities.

Long-lasting batteries, fast charging, bigger storage, and improved material (bye bye, smashed screens) will be the next generation of smart, and AI smart assistants will take care of the rest.

Welcome to the future of smartphones, courtesy of AI.

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