WeAreDevelopers (WAD): What’s your panel topic? 
Catherine Simon (CS): Human enhancement through technology

WAD: Why is the topic of your panel important? 
CS: We are in an unprecedented technological convergence and disruption. It opens for human beings the opportunity to imagine and create alternatives futures than the gloomy ones portrayed in most Sci-Fi Hollywood movies. It opens as well a Pandora box of ethical questions. Discuss human enhancement is important so we can make the best out of technological progress and avoid the potential pitfalls in terms of human values.
WAD: What are the prerequisites should the audience have for attending your panel?
CS: The Panel discussion is aimed at a business – management audience. So no particular pre-requisite apart from being interested or curious about the topic.

WAD: And afterwards we want to know…
What are your favorite tools to use when coding or for your work/office flow?
CS: The Nutshell CRM in SaaS mode

WAD: What is one thing you wish you knew when you started working with business and technology? 
CS: I wished I had done an engineer school in addition to an MBA. Now, I miss as well additional disciplines, I am learning online, ie sociology and philosophy.

WAD: Do you have idols when it comes to business and technology leadership? 
CS: No particular idols. I believe in teamwork around a project, so every entrepreneurial team is an idol.

WAD: What project will you do next?
CS: I started publishing a blog (in French though, sorry) social-tech.blog
I am studying Blockchain technology to foresee potential convergences with AI and Robotics, beyond Finance.

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