So you’ve registered to our DevJobs, completed your profile, uploaded your kickass CV, and now you’ve scored a job interview. Awesome! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ In order to fully rock that job interview, we bring you a couple of tips and tricks that will make the interviewers go crazy about you. Here we go:


Questions that interviewers might ask (and how to answer them)

It is highly unlikely that you know the exact questions you are going to be asked during your job interview. However, there are some basics and some usual questions you are probably going to be asked.

What do you know about our company?
First of all, you need to know about the company (and to only know what the company does is far from enough). Show your interest and do some research. Imagine you have applied for a job at Apple Inc. and now you’re invited to a job interview. You might think everyone already knows everything about this giant company and you’re not going to be asked about the founders (because duh, everyone knows). However, do your research. Find out the exact founding year, the number of employees, future plans, the current situation – everything.

Where do you see yourself in three to five years?
Oh my God, not this question again. We know everyone hates this type of questions. Truth is, you don’t know where do you see in five years, and interviewers do not really care that much about where do you see your self 5 years from today. So, why do they still ask the question? The purpose of this question is to see your thinking and understand you on a deeper, psychological level. The best way to answer this question is to consider the company you applied for and simply be honest about it. If you don’t have any plans, it nice to put it as being a flexible, adventurous, and adaptable person. If your plan is to become the master coder and write the perfect code that connects all the devs across the globe – go for it, don’t be shy, interviewers love seeing some enthusiasm.

Why should we hire you?
Because I need a job, right? Wrong. Because I’m ready to work extremely hard and with my astonishing set of skills and experience I will make this company prosper and grow globally beyond competition. Well, maybe not exactly these words, but make sure you do include your workaholic attitude, your amazing skill set and experience, and benefits the company gains from hiring you. You’re presenting your selling skills while answering this question. The fact is interviewers probably already know if they should hire you or not. However, it’s all about the thinking and communication – the way you represent yourself. You are definitely qualified for the position (they know it, that’s why you’re having this job interview), but you have to be more than that. Tell them about your uniqueness, what sets you apart from other candidates.


Questions you can ask (and why to ask)

Asking shows interest. Don’t be afraid to ask questions you’re really interested in. Company culture, working hours, team building, weekend hangouts – those are all things you’re surely interested in. However, you definitely should not ask something you can easily find on the company’s website (such as mission statement, product line, and similar). Here are a couple of questions we recommend you to ask:

  • How would you describe the daily work environment/company culture?
  • Can you tell me a little more about how the rest of the team in the department I should work in?
  • What are your expectations for me during the first month/3 months/6 months/1 year?
  • What are the options for further self-development within your company?
  • Are there any examples of a career path that started with this position in your company?

All of these questions show your interest and willingness to stay long-term in the company. Additionally, everyone knows that you want to get paid for the job. Don’t be shy to value your skills and discuss the salary accordingly. What you should not do, however, is to talk about compensation, salary, vacation days, and similar too early in the interview. This part usually comes later in the job interview, patience pays off.


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One word to rule them all: “interest”

We can’t stress this out enough – it’s all about the interest. We’re not talking only about you being interested in working for the company, but also why should the company be interested in hiring you. Make sure you establish a common interest. Interest starts before you even apply for the job, with all the research you do beforehand. You show your interest during the interview with all the questions and answers. Finally (this is where most people make mistakes), interest does not stop once you walk out through those doors. Do not wait for the people you just spoke to make the next move. Your interest has to be continuous. Writing a nice thank-you card after the job interview and sending it to the people in charge (not an e-mail – a regular, old-school thank-you card) will get you places. It’s worth more than you can imagine, and not enough people do it – definitely a place for you to stand out.


Final tips

You should know these tips even without this article. However, just to make sure here are some final tips you should keep in mind.

  • Print out and bring a few copies of your CV with you (Not too many, however, 2-3 will make you look well-prepared)
  • Show up some 5-10 minutes early (You don’t really need to show up too early, ten minutes is more than enough to gather your thoughts and get into the office vibe)
  • Have a firm handshake (A firm handshake represents a firm personality, no more needed to be said)
  • Smile (At least keep the good mood vibe)
  • Make eye-contact (A friendly one, not an intimidating one)
  • Pay attention to your posture (Keeping good body posture will make your communication skills much better, fact)
  • Dress for success (Appropriate for the company’s culture and not attention seeking)
  • Be a good listener and never interrupt (Know your turn when to talk, and listen actively)
  • Focus on the right choice of words (“I have four years experience in…” is much superior to “I have very good skills in…”)


There you have it. You are now officially ready to rock that upcoming job interview! We wish you good luck and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions for us. We’re more than happy to help you.


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