There is one thing that all real estate agents and shop owners know: it’s all about location.

Location technology is what you use to order a ride; to find a restaurant or a date; to get your mail, your food, your clothes delivered to your door. Location matters to app users.

If you pick up your phone and open the first app you see, it will most likely be using location data. This is because the overwhelming majority of apps today use location in one form or another. Location matters to app developers.

Despite its undeniable importance, most developers still use the same maps APIs with generic, one-size fits all functionalities. But they don’t have to.

For those to whom location matters. For those who want their app to stand out. For those who want to build something different, there is TomTom Maps APIs.

At TomTom we have a passion for location. We have been crafting and perfecting our maps for almost 30 years. We share our expertise in mapping, traffic, and navigation with developers so they can build something different.

Building different is also about building a relationship: at TomTom we treat developers fairly. We take their data and their privacy seriously. TomTom is the location technology specialist. The partner you turn to if you want to build the next generation of location experiences.

Maps APIs use cases

  1. When it comes to location, there are as many use cases as developers. To inspire you, here are some of the use cases that can easily be implemented with TomTom’s Maps APIs.
  2. Ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps can use Maps APIs to find the best route and the closest driver to pick up a passenger.
  3. Smart cities can become even smarter by connecting people with vehicles and places. For example, Maps APIs can be used to calculate a route for an electric vehicle, considering energy consumption, distance and driving time.
  4. For fleet and logistics, tracking goods in movement and knowing a package’s delivery time can make the difference between a happy customer and a bad review.
  5. In case of emergency, using Maps APIs, the dispatch center of an emergency service can pick the fire truck or ambulance which can arrive at an incident location in the shortest amount of time.
  6. If developing apps for leasing, car rental, dealerships or insurance companies, Maps APIs enable the efficient management of vehicle assets, ensuring cost control in every aspect from maintenance to de-fleeting.
  7. Looking up an address or finding out where you are can be as easy as one-two-three with Maps APIs.
  8. The Internet of Things is accelerating smart home and automation innovation. Devices take certain action based on your location. Opening the garage door upon arrival, switching off the lights as you leave, all made possible thanks to geofencing apps.

Custom Maps APIs for every need

The Developer Portal hosts TomTom’s cross-platform REST APIs and SDKs. These enable developers to add features like search, routing or traffic to their apps.

The five categories of APIs are:

  1. Maps API. Being able to process 1,5 billion map changes in a single month using continuous integration, Maps APIs allow developers to display static and interactive maps in any app.
  2. Search API. Search APIs let you search for a specific address or location using single line fuzzy search. It does so by assigning a longitude and latitude to either an address, cross street, geographic interest or point of interest.
  3. Routing API. Route planning is easy with the Routing API. Travel times are very accurate, and so is the travel information along the route, due to the historical and real-time traffic conditions information available via the API.
  4. Traffic API. Find the fastest route to a destination with the Traffic API, based on the award-winning TomTom Traffic. You will be able to see real-time traffic, traffic jams, as well as incidents around the road network.
  5. Geofencing API. In their geofencing apps, developers can define virtual boundaries and see if their tracked assets cross them.

Want to move the world forward with us?

TomTom will be present at the We Are Developers World Congress on 6 and 7 June in Berlin. Join us to learn more about how our location technologies keep the world moving.

Do you want to move the world forward with us? Know C++, Python or Java? Check out our latest job openings in Germany and Poland and join our team.

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