The Educational Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse is unique in many respects: it offers eight different types of education and training with the main objective of educating disabled students and students without disability on the same site. This means that physically, visually and acoustically impaired students are taught together with non-impaired students throughout educational and training programmes. The technical department (VET Colleges of Engineering) of the Educational Centre HTL HAK Ungargasse is made up of two qualification types: Information Technology-Network Engineering, Industrial Management, and Industrial Engineering. The educational and training programme lasts five years and the final exam allows the student to study at a university or FH (Advanced Technical College). The VET School for Mechanical and Production Engineering (four years) and the VET School for Leather Design (three and a half years) complete the educational and training programmes in the technical sector. The rather small size of the HTL (College of Engineering) in comparison to other schools provides intense and committed individual student support as well as excellent education and training. The best evidence pointing towards this fact is the good job prospects and results of our graduates.


The uniqueness of this school is manifested in the opportunities provided by the educational and training programme particularly for disabled students, as described above. This is not provided by any other school in Austria. Those who are disabled are also taught according to the national curriculum that is valid throughout Austria, but they are provided with personal and technical support. Disabled and non-disabled students alike benefit from this system of integrated teaching. The division of classes into smaller groups occurs in more cases than in other schools in Austria and in some cases an extra member of staff is available. Attending the Educational Centre HAK HTL Ungargasse proves advantageous also in other aspects: Whereas the Educational Centre HAK HTL Ungargasse very often represents the only chance for physically, visually and acoustically impaired students to attend a BMHS (VET school or college), at the same time non-disabled students have the opportunity through this approach of integrated teaching to acquire specialist vocational education and training together with sustainable social competence with the disabled students.

College of Engineering (HTL)

Qualifications and possible activities

Subject-related qualification profile of engineers (HTL) and their fields of possible activities:
The graduates of this higher information technology college can manage and carry out
engineering activities in the field of

  • systems and information technology
  • network and server technology
  • software and database development.

The engineers in those closely connected fields are able to analyze information technology problems, to develop solutions and process them using project management skills independently or in teams with other professionals.
Their work is impacted with software tools used in the industrial processes. The alumni fulfill general education competencies and additionally specific technical competencies based on the scientific and technical knowledge of today.
The following technical categories should be mentioned:

  • in-depth theoretical specific knowledge just as well as hands-on experience in the fields of network and server technologies
  • high-level competence in the planning and execution of relevant information technology and software development projects
  • in-depth understanding of data management and database systems. Graduates of the HTL can
  • apply IT-specific knowledge for planning, use, and maintenance of computer networks and servers
  • deploy and implement network, server and software products as well as integrate it-systems in existing infrastructures
  • develop management and security concepts in local, global networks just as well as in software and database systems
  • design and implement IT projects in connection with quality management methods
  • communicate in German and English, create and present English and German documentation.

Shortened Curriculum Matrix

The following shortened curriculum matrix illustrates the wide range of educational fields:

Education and training ends with a diploma project

An HTL diploma project is a pre-scientific written paper with a diploma character. The technical topic is assigned to up to five candidates as a project, whereby the autonomous work of each person should be recognizable. Therefore the whole project is divided into sub-sections for individual processing by each person. The final work in a team emphasizes the importance of personal and social skills. The final certificate offers the opportunity to show job-specific skills and competencies. The competencies developed in the diploma process represent a significant extension to the overall business qualification. The experiences gained in this practical pre-scientific work can be used as a booster for a professional career or for further education in the tertiary sector.

Real world scenarios of diploma projects in HTL Ungargasse

With the help of two “real world” scenarios, we want to give an insight into diploma projects in the College of Engineering (HTL). The screenshots and pictures will give a little impression of the whole process.

Infrastructure project: IT academy laboratory

Engineers have to design, plan, implement and evaluate the ideal educational setting for a multipurpose laboratory environment (Cisco, Microsoft) for future use.
Design and planning

Building infrastructure and installation of network and server components


Usage and evaluation

Software project: Brainstorm


Brainstorm is a tool which shifts the process of brainstorming onto an interactive level. It is cloud-based software encouraging creativity with the following functions:

  • software-supported brainstorming
  • short-term and long-term groups for brainstorming
  • structured process
  • evaluation and sorting of ideas
  • meta-analysis of information and data-mining


The backend consists of the following components which are used to ensure secure cloud-based communication. The project’s multiple services like Internet Information Service (IIS), Representational State Transfer Service (REST), Data Access Layer Service (DAL), Authentication & Authorization, Binary Large Object Storage (BLOB), Database (DB) and Data Analyzer are hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud.

Web-, Android, and Windows clients

There are three different clients (Web, Mobile, and Windows) for Brainstorm usage, so it is safe to say that almost anybody can use it.

HTL engineers upgrade to European Qualifications Framework (EQF), Level 6

In order to register for a certification as “engineer” EQF (level 6), you need the HTL certificate from school as well as at least three-year subject-related work typically carried out by HTL graduates. The application form for the award of the qualification “engineer” can be submitted to any certification authority in the country of residence. In Austria, the certification is handled by WIFI, BFI or TÜV.

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