Simulation allows design and development of vehicle characteristics at an early stage – from the first idea through to series production

Career Report

Simulation is considered an essential tool for all areas of vehicle development at AVL. The members of the department for Simulation Driving Attributes & Vehicle Efficiency provide software solutions and support for the ideas, wishes and needs of the Powertrain Engineering division. Whilst in the past many issues could only be solved once a prototype had been built, they may now be addressed within less time and at lower cost on screen thanks to software simulations. IT specialist Matthias Prinz is one of the experts at AVL who provide “attractive” and “elegant” solutions for a wide range of questions: “If a manufacturer plans a new hybrid car for a specific car classification, for instance, we can model it with our simulation software. This allows our colleagues to work on the design of the planned vehicle virtually and on screen – e.g. the drive concept, performance, chassis – until the desired result is achieved, which leads the client on to the next development stage. Before a car is ready for series production, our team frequently encounters highly diverse, new and exciting questions that we abstract, divide into tasks and solve with the aid of programming languages, such as C++, C#, Matlab, Java or Python.”
The department for Simulation Driving Attributes & Vehicle Efficiency works on vehicles that are being developed for road use. Everything programmed here delivers highly realistic results, even if people who do not have IT-affinity might see nothing more than codes and function graphs. Matthias Prinz: “We are accustomed to conceptual work carried out in accordance with predefined processes and procedures. Nevertheless, there is always room for creativity, and there are also these special moments that inspire and stimulate all IT-developers: for example, when our simulation software operates a driving simulator with a test cockpit and a motion platform. This is most certainly one of the highlights of the job: not only to be able to look at a software solution you yourself once wrote on screen, but also to perceive and experience it with all your senses.”

Challenges and exciting tasks

AVL employs a great number of IT experts who work in highly diverse areas and develop digital solutions for the automotive industry. The department for Simulation Driving Attributes & Vehicle Efficiency is now looking for additional expertise in the areas of IT, telematics, mathematics, software development etc. The many various questions and tasks involved require solutions garnered from many different areas, such as real-time systems, software infrastructure or user interface. Matthias Prinz: “Advanced skills in the programming languages C++ and C# are an essential requirement for anyone who wants to join our team. The challenges we face at AVL are anything other than small, but they are also very exciting and stimulating every time. While we are at work on a specific project, it can also happen that we are asked to provide an immediate solution for another altogether different task. And this, it must be remembered, with strict deadlines and release cycles we need to adhere to.” Matthias Prinz: “I think the people who work in my field want to write software programs that are easy to read and understand and neither too complex nor complicated. What more can I say – working as a software developer at AVL is simply a super interesting job!”

The future is now.
Have you ever tried restarting?

At AVL, we don’t believe in strict job descriptions or stifl ing environments. We do believe,
however, in giving you the freedom to code your way to genius. To work in a team of like-minded
people from all over the world. And to shape the future of mobility.
After all, the future needs software – embedded, in web solutions, test systems
and in articifi cal intelligence.

AVL is not just about cars. It’s about changing the future. Together.

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Matthias Prinz, Software Engineer Simulation, AVL

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