“CV’s are old school.“
“Why would anyone need a CV if you have a LinkedIn profile?”
“CV just takes too long to create and then constantly update.”


These are common thoughts young people have when searching for a job. The fact that almost every company requires a CV when considering a job application is a solid proof CVs are not going away anytime soon. Think of it as what it really is: your ‘course of life”. It helps people learn more about you and about your experiences, interests. Most importantly, it shows a lot about your personality and motivation- giving a note of individuality to the millions of same structured LinkedIn profiles.

The way your CV looks like and the way it is structured has almost as much importance as what is in it. So let’s get to it: here’s how to boost your CV awesomeness to the maximum.

No need for lots of text

Too much information leads to information overload. Nobody needs to know the exact day when you worked somewhere. Month and year are sufficient. Same applies to your pitch: make it short and effective, 2-3 sentences that really stand out.

One-pager will do

Following the tip from above – one-pager. The fact is that most of CV reviewers and readers do not even get to the second page. Even if they do, they do not really pay too much attention to it. If Elon Musk can have his CV on one page,  you can too.

Rate your skills, organize your ratings

Help us understand. Rate your tech stack and structure it by years of experience or rate it by expertise. It gives readers the feeling that you know your strengths and also helps hiring-managers make more informed decisions, instead of rejecting your application based on the lack of information.

Do not create it in MS Word (or similar)

Firstly, it is not safe, as anyone can modify and edit your .doc CV. Secondly, .pdf looks just so much more professional. May sound trivial, but it’s definitely worth it!

Avoid templates (especially boring ones!)

Do not use the old, boring templates you found on some website that was last updated back in 2007.’ The CV reflects your life so make it your own and unique! Feel free to use your creative skills and think of different ways how to create a CV.

Share your hobbies

If you have some cool hobbies or things you care about – show it. Hobbies are a great way to express yourself and accent that note of individuality mentioned previously. In case they are somehow related to the job you’re aiming for, hobbies are an extra bonus. Obviously, do not put every single thing you like doing in your spare time. Your 2-3 main hobbies will do just fine.

Your picture matters too

You definitely should add a beautiful picture of yourself! Make sure it is a semi-professional/business casual picture in portrait style. Preferably facing the text and with a nice friendly smile :).

Dare to care

A nice design is always great to see. The looks are not decisive in any case, but they still matter and show how much a person cares. You probably do want to present yourself as someone who cares to your future employer.


While these might not be all of the tips you need to consider when creating a CV, they will definitely help you and maybe motivate you for some further ideas that were not mentioned here. One final tip, which does not consider only CVs, is to take care of your social media accounts. They are easily accessible and show about you more than you think. Think of it as an extension to your beautiful and kickass CV you created using these tips.

Finally, make sure you join our DevJobs platform. Create your free profile, upload your brand-new looking CV and lean back while we match you with a job tailored to your needs.

WeAreDevelopers team

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