The needs of digital customers are changing. Agencies and web developers are facing increasing demand for creating and delivering content-rich digital applications for desktop and mobile devices.
Combined with the usual customer’s time and budget constraints, developers are facing a double bind. Following the API-first approach by turning to headless content management systems (CMS) is the way out.
A headless CMS stores content in pure format, ready for any purpose. It provides access through stateless APIs for authoring, storage, and delivery. And the number of headless CMS vendors is growing to meet this demand. Interestingly, only few are available on an open-source basis.
Gentics Mesh is one of the few exceptions. Created and continuously refined by Gentics Software, a department of APA-IT, Austria’s well known CMS vendor, Gentics Mesh is a powerful, low-threshold entry for this technology.

UX, UI … all for u

Headless CMS usually come with a reduced scope of services. In Gentics Mesh, an open-source user-interface package is included. It is built on top of our Angular component library, which helps developers build efficient and accessible applications fast. Check out Michael Bromley’s talk about the Gentics Mesh vision and achievements to date.

Interested? Dive into the API-first approach by using our gamified quick-start Gentics Mesh tutorial and get in touch with its core team at WeAreDevelopers 2018. You can give them “high five” and talk all things web and content management. Or drop them a line via twitter or stackoverflow.