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How Vienna is Being Transformed Into a Startup Innovation Capital

WeAreDevelopers is proud to call Vienna its headquarters and contribute in making Austria’s capital a tech hub for future companies.

China Cracks Down on VPNs, This Time for Real

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had already promised it would take action to tighten its grip on VPNs

France Seeks to Put Driverless Drone Trains on the Rails By 2023

SNCF’s system would be the first application of self-driving tech on high-speed vehicles.

Google’s Mission to Get You to Install a Solar Panel

Google’s solar panel mapping tool and calculator Project Sunroof is adding a new feature, Data Explorer.

How to start down the path of the programmer?

The journey is long and hard. It's not for everyone.

France Wants YOU Devs

If you are not already a European Economic Area or Swiss citizen and need a residence permit in France, look no further.

Apple Has Increased its App Developer Payouts to $70B, Not Too Shabby

The online giant exceeded $70 billion in payout to app developers, after reaching $50 billion last year.

As Coding Classes are Gaining More Attention, So Does Cheating

Students are increasingly signing up for coding classes and computer science programs to keep up with employers’ current demand, paving the way for a new wave of high-tech plagiarism.