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The Football App story at DXC

The DXC development team of the German Application Services department came up with the idea, to contribute to the 2018 Football World Cup fever...

The Human Factor in the World of Code

If, as in my particular case, you switch to IT as the marketing director of a leading global branded goods company, then it's like...

Come Work in the Future

What do you get when crossing a bear’s resilience with the elegance of an elf? An ability to work hard while remaining classy. And...

7+1 Recommendations to Become a Data-Driven Company

It's not enough to call yourself a data-driven company, you must adapt your practices to truly become one. Of course, the shift is never...

Simple Code, Easy Payments: Concardis Sets Benchmark With New Multichannel-Platform Payengine

The problem is, each market has its preferred way of paying. While credit cards are highly popular in areas such as the US, UK or South Korea, many consumers in Europe opt for direct debit and fund transfer. In addition, localized payment methods need to be taken into account: Merchants seeking business in German-speaking countries, for example, should consider including SEPA direct debit, Invoice, Installment, Sofort, and Paydirekt into their payment portfolio.

5 Key Takeaways From the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

This past March, Stack Overflow released the results from its 2018 Developer Survey. Over 100,000 developers took the 30-minute survey and responded to questions...

When to use Serverless? When to use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes and Serverless are currently the two most popular computing options to build modern cloud-native applications. Both options have pros and cons and it depends on your needs which option you should choose. This article describes when to use Serverless and when to use Kubernetes.

Predictive Maintenance for Rail Vehicles

The path to predictive maintenance is - as it turns out - much longer than expected and more intensive than some people would wish and yet now is the right time to begin.