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Breaking down the dominance of JavaScript

JavaScript’s popularity is a signal of a mature and robust technology with numerous practitioners and an exceptionally diverse ecosystem, which can be deployed to solve problems across a wide array of platforms. Ironically, these tools may lead to JavaScript itself declining in popularity as more focus moves to those tools, frameworks, packages and languages which make JavaScript development productive, efficient and pleasant.

The Fifth Screen – The future of Content Marketing in Mixed Reality

In marketing and agency talk, we sometimes hear the terms “3rd screen” or “4th screen” which are used to describe the historic progression of...

4 ways to make forms less boring

As a developer, a webhook gives you freedom to imagine complex workflows. It’s a whole new world of possibilities for developers! Let me open your eyes and take you wonder by wonder.

Creating future digital experiences with open-source headless CMS

The needs of digital customers are changing. Agencies and web developers are facing increasing demand for creating and delivering content-rich digital applications for desktop...

Trending Augmented Reality App Industries

According to data collected by Aeon Mobile Research from September 2017 to February 2018, the number of AR apps in circulation jumped from 17.000 to 23.000. The retail/e-tail category had the highest growth with an outstanding 82% increase in AR apps. Followed by 72% in gaming, 62% in art, and 50% in the productivity category, these numbers leave no room for doubt: AR is on the rise!

The JavaScript Journey #4 – Special Values and Precise Comparisons

This lesson will cover the art of comparing values to each other. The phenomenon is called comparison operations. Today we will do a thorough deep dive into the inner workings of precise comparisons in JavaScript. Meaning we first need a good understanding of data types and special values.

The JavaScript Journey #3 – Logical Operators

Today’s lesson will cover the concept of logical operators, what they are and how to use them.