7+1 Recommendations to Become a Data-Driven Company

It's not enough to call yourself a data-driven company, you must adapt your practices to truly become one. Of course, the shift is never easy and requires some painful...

Rolling your own kubernetes cluster

The reconciliation loop abstraction is extremely powerful (and surprisingly easy to extend) and allows the architecture of the cluster to differentiate cleanly between a control plane, where the resource state is recorded, and a worker plane where the actual resources are provisioned. All interaction between these planes - but also between the user and the cluster - is handled by a powerful api. The control plane stores it's state in etcd, a distributed key-value store.

We build it, we run it!

Admittedly, most people don’t immediately associate the Volkswagen Group with a hip, cool software joint. However, the Wolfsburg automotive manufacturer has an area which concentrates entirely on the development of strategic and innovative software solutions, using completely agile methods. In Group IT’s Software Development Center (SDC) in Wolfsburg and Berlin, software developers and UX/UI designers work alongside product owners and product managers.

Modernization of a monolith – making the switch to microservices

As a SaaS platform provider for Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), LeanIX regularly navigates the challenges that come with application lifecycle management for our customers. We come at it with some close personal experience -  following our own modernization from a monolithic architecture to microservices after only four years.

Containerizing the Enterprise

Running Docker in a production environment in the enterprise requires a lot of know-how that may not be present yet within the organization. And it is different from other tools in that containerizing your system changes the entire way developers interact with operations. The best way to get started is to find people from both the Ops and Dev departments that are interested in changing the status quo and let them build up know-how together.

Coding Interviews Got Easier with Skype’s New Feature

Microsoft is testing a new feature on Skype.com that helps in conducting technical interviews. This is great news for developers worldwide who are forced to talk and code at...

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