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What they never told you about GDPR for Developers

Everybody is talking about GDPR, and many big companies are frantically trying to reach compliance. But what is GDPR anyway, and how does it affect me as a developer? What...

Google Plans on Blocking Your Least Favorite Ad Formats by Default

Software developers have always been a challenging target audience for advertisers. They want marketers to advertise to them on their own terms—and when they don’t, programmers have the technical ability to block the ads they don’t want to see. So it should come as no surprise that in the 2018 State of Developer Engagement report, 72% of developers said that they use ad blockers.

Reflection in PHP

In principle, PHP has four different basic data types: scalar, array, object, and resource. The scalar data types include, among others:  Boolean, integer, double, and string. Object classes, on the other hand, are complex data structures that are individually composed of the types listed above.

The world’s most useless maintenance page

Being able to use a certain app at any given time is crucial for a high-level user experience. Every planned maintenance window leads to downtime which usually results in a high user churn rate – something you should care about as an app provider.  

Filesystem quota management in Go

Retrieving filesystem quota information from the operating system was implemented in just a few lines of code. The approach taken – implementing the functionality natively in Go – allows creation of statically linked Go binaries without any external dependencies, which also greatly simplifies deployment.

Google Is Educating Kids on How to Defend Themselves Against Hackers

It’s time for kids to be educated on the issues phishing, online security, and internet harassments; and Google has it covered.

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