Interview with Joseph Sirosh: “Microsoft has been investing in artificial intelligence for 25 years.”

Even though it is apparent that the framework conditions for the use of AI applications cannot be clarified definitively today, politics, business and society still need to put their heads together on an ongoing basis to address the question. This is the only way to ensure that the diverse opportunities offered to us by AI technologies are truly sustainable.

Data Science and AI are shaping today’s Automotive Industry

Master student Patrick Michelberger shares his experience at BMW Group IT in developing and operating a data-based demand-forecast model for the mobility service ReachNow. Enjoy IT Since AI is becoming an...

5+ Reasons Why ML/AI Developers Must Go to WeAreDevelopers

From basic research to the medical, financial and tech industries, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). While for many these terms...

The many faces of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will unquestionably take over or alter some jobs. By 2027, 24.7 million jobs around the world will be lost ‒ but 14.9 million new ones will be created at the same time, says Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, in his book “The Future Computed – Artificial Intelligence and its role in society”. Doubtless, there will be other new jobs emerging that are inconceivable to us today. “That's always been the case,” remarks Sirosh.

Leading like a (non-)robot

It is expected that in 2035 one fourth of Austria's gross domestic product will be produced by machines—or artificial intelligence (AI), to be more precise. AI is about teaching computers human intelligence and thus behavior. We encounter AI, for instance, when we play video games, consult search engines or use speech-recognition systems. The rapid development of AI seen in recent years has led to a host of new applications, some of which are potential game changers.

Software Development in an open context situation or “How good is good enough?”

As developers, we usually prefer a closed context – clearly defining the surroundings of our product, the interaction with all external interfaces. If the closed context does not exist we tend to limit the context by making explicit or implicit assumptions. The evidence that those assumptions are correct for the use case of the product is what we generally call validation – do we develop the right product?

Developing Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving

Artificial Intelligence can make the difference. Although researchers have been investigating the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for many decades now, it’s been just within the past few years that...

Facial Recognition Technology May Become Your New Ticket Through Airports

A new technology will implement facial recognition technology at check-in.

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