As it launched its WWDC  this year, Apple released a video giving us developers a peek of what the world would look like without our beloved apps.

The video, which opened the conference, shows a new Apple employee setting up his new work station an accidentally unplugging the App Store servers causing apps on everyone’s phones to disappear, followed by full-blown worldwide chaos. The video shows how much we depend on apps for our everyday lives and how they’ve integrated into our lifestyles.

Instagram, AirBnB, Skype, and so on send people on the street – a woman giving away physical selfie pictures of herself, friends on a road trip not being able to navigate anymore, drivers in general without Waze and Maps cannot drive anymore causing major crashes in the streets (although everyone remains safe), and a woman video-calling another woman has the video turned off mid-conversation. Everything seems to be a disaster without the help of our apps.

As the “Appocalypse” continues to rage, people have set up a “black market” App Store, with people setting up shops resembling apps like Candy Crush, Farmville, and Tinder, while a surgeon performs a real face-swap on a couple.

The video was the perfect opening to the company’s yearly developer’s conference – encouraging programmers to keep making apps.

The video got a hefty amount of criticism online, with people mentioning how creating a theme of chaos in current times when cyberattacks, security threats, privacy breaches, and even terrorist attacks are increasingly real threats. But, Apple took a pretty safe route by depicting all people involved in the incidents as either coming out safely or ending up in a lightheartedly funny manner – in the case of the face-swap.

The video uncovers some real truths about our app-crazy society. But enough, here you can take a look at Apple’s Appocalypse video:

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