Organizing the WeAreDevelopers Conference 2017 was a rollercoaster of excitement, fear, anxiety, fun, and teamwork. Every little detail was organized and taken care of from top to bottom, from selecting the speakers to building up the stages and expo area, to picking what coffee to grind up and serve fresh to our participants.

But alas, we are humans as well, which guarantees there will be some glitches here and there. Here, we give special thanks to our attendees, who through their feedback and comments will help us improve and correct any mistakes for next year’s event. Every little word, comment, and suggestion count.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 things we learned from organizing WeAreDevs ’17:

1) The Venue
Picking the right venue for such a special event was one of our biggest obstacles. The place is just as important as the conference itself, so accounting for size, design, and acoustics is crucial to guarantee a successful event. Next time, we go bigger (more seats, bigger stages, more fun).

2) The Speeches

For such a big event, with so many attendees, it’s important to take into account speeches’ level of complexity in the subject. Our conference had a variety of developers and attendees, from beginners to highly experienced programmers, so talks are not a One Size Fits All. Next year, we will rank each talk based on its level of depth and complexity in the subject.

3) The Food

To follow and experience a conference fully, developers and attendees should have a full belly and enough coffee to fuel their excitement. These are not always easy topics, so the focus must be a top priority to get the most out of the speakers’ wisdom.

4) The Communication

When organizing an event like WAD there will always be some changes, speakers not being able to attend, expo booths switching their layout, and so on. It is up to the organizers to provide a schedule as detailed as possible for the attendees to understand what’s happening, both in advance and in real time during the event. We will focus our resources on providing better communication, schedule changes, and special announcements to our attendees both before and during the conference.

5) The Attendees

Our focus is and always will be on the attendees. After all, the whole conference is centered on developers, techies, and the world of innovative technology and development. Next year we’ll improve our focus on the attendees with optimized networking spaces, more goodies, great food, and plentiful hydration during the event.

There you have it. We thank you for making the #WeAreDevs the success it was this year and for helping us grow and do better as our next adventure unfolds.
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