Klemens Schreiber is going to be a speaker with the keynote “Pros do Vanilla – A loosely coupled front-end” at our next WeAreDevelopers Conference on the 13th of April, 2016. In this short interview, you can get an impression what Vanilla, passion and laziness have to do with the “shiny new” front-end of karriere.at.
What will developers learn from your keynote at WAD conference?
I will go through some key technologies and patterns we used while building the shiny new front-end of the next karriere.at iteration. Improvements like utilizing Webpack for builds or BEM conventions result in better dev experience, cleaner code and a more efficient development process in teams.
Why have you chosen this exact topic?
We invested a lot into prototyping and research to build this tooling and convention stack. It’s still a work in progress but the lessons we learned can be applied to other web projects as well.
Why do pros do Vanilla?
This title is quite offensive. It’s not really meant to be taken that seriously – don’t reinvent the wheel – but we try to use as many native browser functionalities as possible.
Which are the potential risks that you take with your approach?
Over-engineering is potentially risky. Another hard part is sharing conventions and best practices for client-side code among teams without using common frameworks like react.js or ember.js. But we created several solutions ​for​ these kind of problems.
What is the key quality of people you like to work together with?
Passion. In the end, it all comes down to passion. Oh, and years of jQuery plugin experience can be a pain when working with javascript 😉
What makes a good developer a good developer?
Be lazy. Laziness powers reusable code 😉 There’s no doubt a good developer has to stay on track – because the web evolves fast. Furthermore, every good developer needs some kind of hacker mindset to work out how things work.
 What is your favorite Star Wars character? Why?
I like Boba Fett because of the tactical advantages his Z-6 jetpack provides.
If you would like to see Klemens Schreiber talking about his challenges and achievements in front-end development at karriere.at or ask him some questions in person, come to our WeAreDevelopers Conference on the 13th of April.

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